Foodie in Woodnote

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Ebbin Jose, who owns ‘Food N Travel,’ one of the most watched YouTube channels of Kerala, booked a stay in our resort. It was a moment of excitement and trepidation for us. He is a food vlogger and is known to point out all nuances while tasting food. Whether a particular dish has more or less of any spice, nothing ever escapes his eyes.

Ebbin and his family had just returned from Gavi, all soaked to the skin in the rains. Ebbin ordered a non-vegetarian platter, which had grilled fish, grilled chicken, and a few other Arabic delicacies. Our chef and his team were quick to spring to action. Ebbin entered the kitchen to capture the cooking shots and enlivened the place with his warmth. With a friendly guest watching the cooking scenes, our chef enjoyed displaying his culinary skills.

We served the steaming hot dishes before the family and waited for their response. Ebbin tasted everything, including the grilled fish which was ordered for his wife. He pointed out and praised the minutest aspects of the food. And he said it all with such enthusiasm that our chef was elated. Kids found some of them spicy, while Ebbin thought some were plain, but all of them were united in one opinion, that they were delicious.

Quoting his words, “The food in Woodnote tantalized our taste buds. The best part is that even the kids enjoyed the platter, as it had several items suited just for them. It was a gastronomic delight.”

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